Kanawha Design Studio


These are the projects that we are working on - some for work, some for fun.  Ok, they are all for fun.

3D Modeling and AR Workshop

A few weeks ago, I took a little trip back down to Seattle to teach a one day workshop to some of the graphic design studios there (class of 2018, you are amazing).  The goal of the workshop was to get the students modeling in Rhino and play around with some Augmented Reality.

For a four hour workshop, they did a great job.  They learned the interface of Rhino, imported some vector images - they had to show up with a robot or a penguin.  Or a robot penguin as a 2D ai file.  Then they used Rhino to 3D model them into these beauties.

Once they had some lovely penguin robots in 3D space, we gave them some materials and imported them into photoshop, where the students learned how to add 3D obj files to photoshop (Yes, that is a penguin robot looking forlornly out of the window.)

They also learned how to attach the models to physical objects for Augmented Reality.    And then, finally, how to export them to stl files for 3D printing.

Not bad for a 4 hour workshop.