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Jacob Sayles


I am a creative and entrepreneurial technologist with over 20 years of experience and a history of innovative ideas, well executed projects, and management of diverse teams. In 2007, I recognized the growing trend of independent and remote workers and opened Office Nomads, the first coworking space in Seattle, WA. To support this business and others like it, I wrote Nadine, the first open source coworking platform, and founded Open Coworking, a non-profit dedicated to the Coworking Movement. In 2016 I relocated to Vancouver, Canada to take on the role of Director of Technology for 312 Main, a 105,000 sf coworking community in the old Downtown Vancouver Police building.

I am currently a partner at Kanawha Design Studio, a consulting firm that supports small, medium, and large collaborative spaces with business planning, operations, community development, IT infrastructure, and the many uses of technology to support their memberships and communities.

I am a US citizen and a permanent resident of Canada.

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