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Building a baby Dinosaur

Jacob and Katie’s Baby Registry

We imagine that our baby will look something like this.

We imagine that our baby will look something like this.

Where to send stuff

US Address
Jacob and Katie Sayles
C/O Kanawha Design Studio
1617 Boylston Ave, Suite 200
Seattle WA 98122
Canadian Address
Jacob and Katie Sayles
1011 Beach Ave, Apt 2802
Vancouver, BC V6E 1T8

Thank you for visiting our baby registry!

Because we make everything complicated and know people in many countries, we have registered at multiple places.
Regardless of where you are or how you contribute, thank you!

Target in the good old USA

For cute and small stuff, we’d love to see it at the baby shower! We plan on hauling all of our our contraband back in a suitcase, so bring all suitcase sized stuff! For larger things, you may have them shipped to our office in Seattle and we’ll pick them up when we get back to the lovely and damp Pacific Northwest.

Direct Registry Link: https://www.target.com/gift-registry/giftgiver?registryId=653fe71cee9642baa8fcaf0a988db400
You can also go to target.com and search the registries for “Katie Davis-Sayles.”

Amazon in Canada

They have Amazon in Canada! Perfect for Dinosaur Building! You can ship things from this site directly to us in Vancouver.

Amazon.ca Registry: https://www.amazon.ca/baby-reg/3E8V4JA530UAC